Posted by: gangab | July 13, 2007

Fusion Galore!!

Anubhav – Corporate Cultural Event 

After a hectic day of events and games it was now time for the participants to have some fun! 🙂 And what better way to this than to have one of the most versatile musicians from India – Milind Date performing live with his band. 

Milind Date has carved a niche for his excellent abilities of playing and composing with the Bansuri – Bamboo Flute. Having the background of the historical city of Pune, he started learning Indian Classical Music from well-known Pandit Ajit Soman. Since 1989, Milind is fortunate enough to be under the wings of world famous Bansuri virtuoso Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia for the advance training. 

Karthik Balakrishnan and Ashuka from the junior batch of PGDSM-MIT welcomed the band with a glimpse of their achievements. 

Ably accompanied by a diverse group of artists – Derek on lead guitar, Roger on base, Sanjeev on drums and Uday deshpande on the tabla, Milind started out with a melodious rendition of “The Origin”. This rendition from the Vedic mantras had the audience mesmerised and asking for more! 🙂 

The band followed this up with beautiful compositions of “Breaking through the Mist” and the “Camel Walk”. The interesting anecdotes by Milind between various renditions made the overall performance more interesting.

Using 4 different sizes of flutes, Milind continued to enthral the audience urging them to clap along rhythmic beats. The excellent jugalbandi between Sanjeev and Uday was the highlight of the evening and well appreciated by all. Another memorable part of the evening was Uday’s interactive performance with the audience going gung-ho over it! 🙂  One felt fortunate to be able to listen to a band of such amazing talent and repute!

They had the audience so spellbound that it prompted Prof Sunil Rai to comment that he this was perhaps one of the finest concerts he had ever attended which was composed of youth and youthful people! 🙂

Surely, a befitting end to Day 1 of Nimitt!!


PR Com 🙂


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